Metro Detroit Loft Style Venue

I've seen some similar threads around, but seeing if I can facilitate some "Fresh" information. I am looking for a loft style venue in southeast michigan and feel like I have exhausted every possible reception venue in metro detroit and beyond.

Places that foot the bill aesthetically that i've found are in downtown Detroit and while my fiance and I spend lots of time exploring the city, our families aren't as comfortable down there and would prefer outside the city. I've looked into the piquette plant (EXPENSIVE), Detroit Mercantile Company (no response), MOCAD (no response) and Flat151 (also a bit too pricey).

There are 5+ venues in Grand Rapids similar to what I'm looking for (Goei Center, Cheney Place, Mosaic Space, Top of the B.O.B, etc).

Does anyone else know of other places? We are ideally looking for 250 seated capacity (but can work with 200) and would like to bring in our own caterer and alcohol. Budget is around 20K.

I would be more than willing to share everything I have found with others looking too! I have lots more "no" nontraditional venues on my list. Maybe something will suit you.

Re: Metro Detroit Loft Style Venue

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    Have looked at the Crofoot in Pontiac? That may work. Not sure about the catering/ bar situation with them.
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    Thanks jsrose! I have looked at the crofoot, the lighting and sound systems always seems to kill the vibe for me. (but after taking another look at the space itself, it really is much more loft like that I had originally thought)
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    I'm getting married at the crofoot in may! the space is awesome and you can really do whatever you want with it. You do have to use one of their bar packages, but you can bring in any other outside venders. As far as the uplighting....I personally hate uplighting so I don't intend on using it. The crofoot being a concert venue has one of the best sound systems in the midwest.

    I was in the same boat as you....I really didnt want the typical country club wedding feel. I think you've pretty much checked out them all. We were between Mocad and the Crofoot and ended up going with the Crofoot. Good luck!
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    What other Non-Traditional Venues are on your list?


    I'm having a hard time finding something that is just my style...

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