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The 'extra credit' I don't want

Dear Prudie,
I'm a graphic designer at a major media company. I was hired specifically to design PowerPoint presentations that we use to pitch corporate sponsorships, and the presentations are graphics-heavy. I’m good at my job and respected by the marketing team. The problem is after I design something, the other executives start making changes and this can be presented to clients without my cleaning it up. Often the fonts will be random, the images won't be lined up, colors won't match, etc. My co-workers are generous enough to publicly give me credit, but I’m mortified when presentations are full of mistakes. I'm concerned about my reputation and the quality of what we're sometimes putting out there for major clients. Do you think there's a way I can approach this?

—Credit Where Credit Isn't Due

Re: The 'extra credit' I don't want

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