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What's wrong with just being an acquaintance?

Dear Prudence,
My husband's friend is a perpetual bachelor. He dates a girl for a few months, introduces her around, brings her to group functions, etc., and then dumps her once it has gotten too serious. Because the friend and my husband are close, I become the new best friend for the girlfriend du jour during camping trips, double dates, sports games, and happy hours with our group. The bachelor is charming and has the women believing everything is perfect until the breakup blindside. Then they are devastated and I end up having to deal with tearful phone calls and get-togethers while they ask me what went wrong. The most recent breakup involved a fragile woman with no close friends or family in town. I felt rude for not returning all the frantic calls and texts of this woman, but I’m frustrated that this draining duty always seems to fall on me. I've talked to the bachelor about it, and he says no one is forcing me to become friends with his girlfriends. That’s true, but it’s hard not to act like a decent human being to these women. How can I avoid this pitfall in the future?

—Sick of the Bachelor

Re: What's wrong with just being an acquaintance?

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    "Hey, new GF, do you want to come next thursday to the "Joe's exes breakfast" I host every month?, Joe hasn't told you about Abigail?  Or Brittney?  Or Charlotte?  or Diana?  Or Ethel?  Or Francesca? Or Gwen?"

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    I don't understand these women that become BFFs with all their spouses' friends' wives (that is a lot of grammar lacking right there).  The only time I did that was in order to endear myself to sucktastic former BFF of DH.  Which ending up backfiring on everyone.  Being a decent human being = level of friendship that includes breakup talks.

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    This is the reason I stopped accepting FB requests from BIL's girlfriends.  They don't stick around very long because he thinks they start cramping his style and then they're gone. 
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    My dad has a friend like this.  My mom finally tried to be friends with one of the women but she ended up being like fatal attraction crazy (seriously).  She never bothered, again.  
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