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a weddingbee story

i just heard about this, and i wanted to share.

okay, so y'all know weddingbee, right? it's a knot-alike, with forums, ideas, whatever. so there was this poster that was getting married, and would should her diys and all that nonsense. she attended a few gtgs, became friendly with a few regs, and also posted about some wedding-related stuff she was selling. 

someone finally googled her real name, and it turned out that like 12 years before, she had gone to jail for three years for letting her 2yo daughter die of dehydration as she went out and partied all night.

people on weddingbee freaked out, all "omg we were friends with the canadian version of casey anthony" and all the other standard drama of "someone on the internet lied!" well, technically, she didn't lie all the time -- she actually was getting re-married so all the wedding stuff was true. she just didn't tell anyone that 12 years before, she had let her daughter die so she could go out salsa dancing.

anyway, weddingbee responded by basically deleting threads discussing it and anything else that mentioned this woman by name. all the posters were all "you are shielding a murderer!" and all that. and a bunch of people got banned and went off in a huff. 

so if anyone on this board turns out to be casey anthony or mary kay letourneau, i think that would be pretty awesome.

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