Wedding Woes

It's Friday! And a long weekend to boot!

Watcha up to? 

We're thinking of hitting the farmer's market again.  DH is obsessed with corn, the kids always find a sweet treat, and I want more cheese.  The stroller stays home this time though.  A guy I dated in hs and have remained friends with is going to be in town.  His family is considering a move here and are looking at a few houses in our 'hood.  They're going to stop by Saturday afternoon.

Other than that we have nothing.  Glorious NOTHING!

Re: It's Friday! And a long weekend to boot!

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    I'm supposed to be sleeping in.  But oh no, I wake up at 6 am, start thinking and BAM, I'm awake.  Can't happen on a regular work day, I guess.

    Making some phone calls for events today, meeting for marketing later.  Then the rest of the weekend is pretty much nothing.  Which is good, I think DH and I need it.  I'm really happy that he has a job and he really seems to love it.  I'm not happy about the hours so far, but I'm shutting my trap and going w/it.
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    I have an excellent weekend ahead of me.

    Today my sister, SIL and one of my nieces (5 weeks younger than DD1) are coming up to hang out and go to lunch with us.  My sister couldn't make it to DD1's party a couple weeks ago so she's bringing her gift and SIL and niece are tagging along.

    Tomorrow the ILs are taking the kids to a nearby festival/carnival and then keeping them overnight (for the second weekend in a row!).

    Some friends are in town from Chicago so we're having everyone over for dinner and drinks tomorrow night.

    Sunday and Monday, I'll be doing vacation prep.

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    This has been a hard week.

    Happy hour tonight.

    Dinner with my sister, tomorrow.

    Sunday, I don't have any plans. I might even do some work. I know....

    Monday, I'm going to go to the movies by myself, and get my toes done. My life is so exciting.

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    LOL @ NOLA.  Nice.

    @NOLAbridesmaid was this your first week back?

    This weekend will be interesting.  H is working 8-4 Sat/Sunday.

    Saturday I am hoping to get in a short bike ride then breakfast and then driving about 50 miles north to have lunch with a friend that I haven't seen since MARCH. MARCH!!!  I miss her, but she spends her summers in AK, and I'm assuming she's pregnants because of some weirdness going on.  At least I hope so, because that would be a good reason for her weirdness.

    Sunday no plans so far.  Oh wait, I have a half marathon, in the sweltering heat, which I hope truly breaks before then.  I don't want to be running two hours in 80 degrees.  No thank you, though I've done it before and didn't die.  Meh. maybe with H.
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    We're tiling the bathroom at our friends' house Saturday and Sunday, followed by a party Sunday night.

    I think Monday I'm going to be stupid and go to Ikea.  I'm nesting or some shit, I want to buy new curtains for the family room.  And then organize bathroom cabinets and pack the hospital bag. 

    All I really want to do is just lay around and watch TV though.

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
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    Well, I'm in pain and probably going on a Vicodin vacation this weekend. Stupid round ligament pain. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment and I need to do a bunch of running around to get stuff for vacation. Next week at work is going to be crazy so I want to get as much done this weekend instead of cramming it into next week.
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    We're in the car on our way to camping. It's going to be hot, hot, hot.
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    Yes, it is my first week back, and they're working me like a Hebrew slave.


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    With your mention of overcrowding and it being your first week, you need a drink.  :(
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