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How much is too much for a dress?

I've always had trouble spending money and making large purchases, so the though of buying an expensive dress is slightly overwhelming! I found a dress at a David's Bridal that I really love... but it is $600. Is this a decent price? I know there are cheaper options out there... but compared to the dresses that go for thousands of dollars on all those tv shows, $600 doesn't look too bad! Any advice, words of wisdom, or suggestions about budgeting for a wedding dress?


  • Buy whatever you are comfortable with. $600 really isn't bad though. I paid $1,100 for mine. You should get a dress that you feel beautiful in!
  • $600 is a fine price for a dress if you feel beautiful in it.   If not, keep looking!    Mine was over $7000 after all the alterations and a custom made jacket to go with it.  In retrospect, I'd have probably been okay with one just a fraction of that cost. 
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  • 'Too much' for a dress is 'more than you personally can comfortably afford.' It's 100% personal. Do you have the money and love the dress? Then get it. I had a $500 budget for my dress and the one I picked ended up being on sale for $450.
  • If you love the dress I would say get it. My dress from David's Bridal plus the jacket was about $400. My alterations will be another $200 probably because I am adding a corset back and bustle.

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  • $600 seems reasonable to me, but it's all based on your budget and financial circumstances. If you don't want to spend that much, look into buying a used dress - you may be able to find the exact same dress used for a fraction of that. Keep in mind that alterations can be expensive also, so consider that when you're thinking budget.

  • I agree with what other posters have said.  This is really a personal thing.  What may be too much for you may be in the price range or even inexpensive to someone else.  If $600 is in your budget and you are comfortable spending that amount then buy the dress.  If it is over budget or you are uncomfortable spending that much on a dress then keep looking.

  • Only you can know whether it is too much for a dress. Between my mom and gram (who offered to help with my dress) and my input, we set a budget that worked for us. I came in under budget after dress and accessories that were around $1200. If I was paying alone, I wouldn't have spent more than $500.


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  • You could always wait for a sample sale or buy second hand if you don't want to spend too much.

    It also depends on your overall budget, e.g some people think well if I get that dress I'll have to get a cheaper cake or make my own invitations etc etc

  • Thank you so much ladies! It was very helpful to hear some other opinions =) 
  • I feel similarly. I can afford the dress I want, but I just don't want to spend that much. Are you open to wearing a used dress? Try searching , they have tons available. Some are samples, some are being sold by brides who wore them once (or changed their minds).
  • Always factor in alterations.  My dress was on clearance and I got it for $350...but alterations are going to be $350 more.
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