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Hotel questions - Infants in hotel rooms, crib/cot rental, upgrades etc

Hi everyone!

We're looking at booking our hotel room soon as smartervegas discount codes are now available for the hotels we are looking at (MGM Grand, New York New York) and it asks for number of guests... We're looking at these hotels as they are closest to the Hard Rock Cafe on the strip where our reception is as we want our daughters grandparents to be able to get her to bed easily the night of the wedding and having a decent pool is a must too.

Our daughter will be 18months old and so we're assuming she'll still be in a cot/crib.  We had planned to bring our own portable cot as we'll be spending some time in San Francisco after the wedding and we can take one as part of our luggage allowance on the plane (from Australia) for free.  I would have thought I should just put two guests down as we only need a bed for the two of us?  There isn't an option coming up where you can put two adults, one infant for example like when looking at airfares.

If we do that, are they going to try and add extra charges when we check in?  Or do I go and check in on my own so they don't even see her?!  If we decided not to bring a portable cot/crib has anyone rented one before at either of those hotels?  I just wasn't sure how easy it would be to get one, not just in Vegas but in San Fran too?

Also we like the idea of possibly staying in a fancier room on our wedding night.  Should I book this separately, or is it worth just asking when we check in if there is anything available and how much extra it would be for the one night?  I don't think either of us would be upset if there wasn't anything available but it might be a shame if the only reason we didn't do it was because on the day it cost a lot more than if I had booked it in advance.  We're trying to keep costs down as we have another ceremony in New Zealand in January to pay for too!

Any advice welcome :)


Re: Hotel questions - Infants in hotel rooms, crib/cot rental, upgrades etc

  • Having travelled (not to Vegas) with a 20 month old I STRONGLY suggest bringing in your own portable cot. Ive seen some really poor standard hotel cribs and if its included in your luggage then it would be worth it. I found that bub slept better in his porta cot too.

    With hotels FI and I are just going to book the type of room we want for the wedding night but saying that I did get upgraded for free at MGM when I stayed there for my 21st. Just depends on how bad you want the nicer room.

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  • Eek, it scares me to hear @missmo say that the hotel cribs are poor standards since my little guy will be 18 months as well and we won't be able to pack a portable crib when we travel- now I am reall concerned about what we are going to do with our little man, especially since he will be going from room to room during some nights (staying with great grandma during bachelorette, then handed to grandma when she gets back from the dinner and then sleeping with other grandparents the night of our wedding)..I was thinking maybe by then he will be a big boy sleeping in a regular bed and I can just create pillow/bumper barriers with pool noodles on the pull out and bring our own sheets from home to keep him feeling OK....any thoughts?

  • Oh no princess I didnt mean to turn you off. Just please INSPECT the crib before putting bub in there. My suggestion to nixy was on the basis that she could bring the portacot. If you cant just be diligent with hotel issued ones.

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  • Thanks missmo! I figured I would definitely not use their bedding, but will check out every inch of the one we utilize! :)
  • Thanks @missmo14 appreciate the advice :) It does seem like it would be worth it to take it if its free to do so :)

    @seniorprincesslnhs we're in a similar situation as all of the grandparents live in different countries to us and they want lots of time with their granddaughter and she'll be moving about a bit! A couple of my friends said their children were ready for a bed by 20months but some are ready earlier so you never know!

    So when booking rooms do you put two people down or three?!
  • I'd put two, you could always phone/email to ask the hotel to add your child to the booking but if you put 3 I think they'd expect 3 adults. You'll have your cot you don't need 3 beds. I can't imagine any hotel charging you extra for a child of that age in a cot. The hotel needs to know the number of guests for evacuation purposes, they probably have a space for infants on their own site might just be the way the other site is set up.
  • Thanks @spoon1984 I'd hoped they wouldn't charge extra but everyone's out to make more money these days so I wasn't sure!

    I'll get my partner to email asking what their policy is regarding infants before we go so I know in advance if we need to be sneaky.  I'm not good at being sneaky so if I don't have to be I'll be more relaxed!  Hence why we're not having an in suite reception which I would have loved to have!
  • @nixym I agree, I would have been stressed to the max! To put your mind at rest you could try booking directly with the hotel via their website just to see what the set up is.  Is there an option for a child, if so try adding and see if there's a difference in price.
  • Hey @nixym, I agree with @spoon1984, if there is no option for children, then I put 2, but I have some seen some places on the actual websites that ask about children, so I guess it just depends. I agree that it would be very shady if they charge for an infant, but you never know, but don't be too worried about being sneaky- I have had 2 people on a room on the reservation, but we had 4-5 in the room and no one ever busted us (on those young, we are broke, but want to have fun girl vacations!)
  • I know most of the hotels say it is an extra charge no matter the age of the additional people. My brother is coming with his 3 kids and we will just have his wife hang out somewhere else with the kids when he checks in to avoid the charge and hassle.
  • Yeah @spoon1984 and @seniorprincesslnhs I had a look at their website and it just says 'number of guests' per room.

    @stoiic25 I think that will definitely be the easiest thing to do if it looks like we'd have to pay for her, we don't both need to be there to check in :)

    Thanks everyone!
  • I know this is a super old topic, i called flamingo and i refuse to pay the extra $30 a day for a crib, we are bringing a pack n play, he will be almost 2 when we go to Vegas 
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  • That's what we're going to do too @ssteel04 it's just not worth it!  I'm also going to take our baby monitor with us, and try and get at least one family member to be maybe across the hall from us so we can use the monitor from their room then sneak in when we're ready to go to bed!  On our wedding night we'll move the portable crib to one of their rooms :)
  • i know!! especially when you are already paying for the rooms and to have that extra cost...no thanks! 
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