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ceremony ideas for a southern wedding

i am recently engaged, but have set a wedding date for serptember 10th, 2011. i am 21 yrs old and very excited about getting married but ever so scared about things going wrong on our big day. my wedding is going to be a southern wedding, probably outside and i love horseshoes. my floral arrangements will more than likely be yellow sunflowers and a burgundy flower to accent the bridesmaid dresses. i am looking for the more experienced bride or bride to be to offer exciting new ideas for my wedding. any advice will help!! thanks a lot.

Re: ceremony ideas for a southern wedding

  • I just pictured the "Runaway Bride" wedding with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.  HAHA.

    Actually, something you might consider is doing a horse race theme.  Have some fancy hats as props for people who don't have hats to bring (you can have fun making them with some of the old hats at good will, add some fabric, flowers, feathers, or gemstones)... and you'll have a horse race theme, complete with games of horseshoes for the guests afterwards.  Your photographer could take pictures of your guests in their fancy hats so you can create a "photo guest book" afterwards.  That would be really, really awesome.  

    Yellow Sunflowers are beautiful... you can also add white daisies for a little southern charm.  

    Do you want actual horses?  I mean... coming in on a horse could be quite the picture if you don't mind riding side-saddle.  Just a thought, although crazy if you don't really like horses.

    Something big in traditional southern weddings is this feeling of air, sophisticated, but not snobby. You can do a "black and white" wedding attire for your WP and GM, and maybe even suggest that it is a black and white wedding on the invitation.  Some southern weddings used to be ALL about pastels, and thankfully that has kind of gone away, but I've seen pictures of a "gone with the wind" type of theme and that is fun, although a little unusual.  You could have a modern twist on this with all of the BM's with parasols or paper umbrellas since you'll be outdoors.  

    I'm sure others have great ideas to share.  Good luck!! 
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  • I was raised in the south, and miss it so dearly..... *sigh*

    Little things make the theme!
    How about serving a signature drink, like a mint julep? Having red velvet cake instead of vanilla (a southern-born flavor that's recently cool). Having your wedding at an old plantation would be beyond cool. Wearing a big Scarlett dress. Carrying daisies and sunflowers. Wearing a hat instead of a traditional veil.

    Doing little things can take you a long way.

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  • thanks alot ladies! all kinds of great ideas.
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