Biggest Loser *spoilers*

I was surprised by some of the things that happened last night. I thought for sure that the black team would win the weigh-in, esp. with the 5 lb. advantage they had. Then after they lost, I figured Stephanie would get voted off b/c she lost the least, and she really doesn't have as much more to lose as the others. When it came down to the last vote though, I thought Andrea was going to get voted off, not Sherry. Totally didn't see that coming! She brought tears to my eyes in the f/u...she looks amazing!

Even though I'm not a big fan of Michael, I really was happy for him for losing 11 lbs., esp. under the circumstances. Quite impressive, IMO. I was also glad to see Koli real his goal- very emotional all round last night.

Re: Biggest Loser *spoilers*

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    I can't stand Michael after the way he split the teams. FI & I were praying for a 1-pound gain so black team would win. 

    And I have a serious "thing" for Curtis Stone. I posted on a Knottie's FB that I think he is "delicious" and she agreed it's a good term for him!
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