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Sick and run down...

I'm 19 days away from my wedding that I have been working so hard on... And I'm definitely sick. I have a drs appt this afternoon and hopefully whatever it is will go away quickly with medication, but it's just really putting a damper on me and lots of anxiety that I won't be ready to rock on the 28th!

I don't know why I'm posting this -- I guess I just need a little pick me up from some other people who may be going through the same thing, or may have gone through the same thing!

Feeling sick = no energy to complete the tasks that I really need to complete... It's a vicious cycle!

Blah Feeling Bride! 

Re: Sick and run down...

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    DH and I were both sick in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  Better sick now than versus at the wedding itself!!  Hope you feel better quick

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    It's important to take care of yourself. Rest up and see if FI or some willing family members can help you finish your tasks. 
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    I know you still have things to do for your wedding but your health and you actually being able to enjoy your wedding day is more important.  Take the next few days to really just relax and take care of yourself.  Also, ask your FI to pitch in and help with anything that is left to do.  Taking 3 days off and getting yourself feeling well is better then you working through it and being sick for a lot longer then is necessary.

    Get some sleep, drink lots of liquids, and watch lots of mindless tv... those are my non-doctors orders :)

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