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No Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

Good Afternoon Friends! I think we have decided to NOT have a ring bearer and flower girl. Has anyone done this? I have two sisters with 9 kids between them but only a handful are young enough to be ring bearer or flower girl and they belong to my younger sister. I don't really want any of my nieces / nephews to feel left out and don't want to have to obligate anyone into bringing their kids. So I think we just decided not to have any. My son will be walking me down the aisle (he will be 14 by then) and we have 6 BM's and GM on each side. On the note of my son walking me down the aisle....should I do anything to acknowledge my Dad's in any way? I don't want them to feel left out either. Oh it gets tricky trying to make everyone happy. :)

Re: No Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

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    I did not have a flower girl or ring bearer and I don't think anyone missed them.  This was my second wedding as well and I didn't see the need for them, especially since we were having an adults-only reception.

    I chose to walk down the aisle by myself but I did have my dad walk in the processional with my mom, grandparents, etc.  You could also have a father-daughter dance.

  • We also did not have a flower girl or ring bearer, and I'm more than happy with our choice.  Kids are just too unpredictable for me to want them to stand there through a whole ceremony.  I had a Catholic wedding and we did have H's niece and nephew bring the gifts for communion, but they were accompanied by my SILs.



  • There are not any kids in either of our families' with girls young or old enough, so we might just have a ring bearer, but I'm also thinking no...
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