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has any used jennifer l.  for make up for their wedding?

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    I've never heard that name used on here. What is the name of the company or the makeup artist's last name?

    Also, did you try Googling her? That might give you more information.

    One we've used a lot is Clare from Ciel Cosmetics. Some other ladies might chime in with who they used as well.

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    The name is On Line Cosmetic Artistry  and she is one of the local vendors on The Knot site.
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    Hmm, I've never heard of that vendor either, and I'll be using Clare from Ciel as well.

    The local vendor lists maintained by the Knot are all advertisers; that's how they get listed.  If you're interested, the ladies on this board also maintain a list of recommended vendors who we've personally had good experiences with.  It can be found here:

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    Thank you for your lists - they all are most helpful.
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    Hi I know its kinda of late but I wanted to input my experience with Jenny L.
    I loved her spunky personality she did two consults for me, 1st one was free second I paid for. She was up for traveling all the way to darlington, PA and doing a touch up after the ceremony. Until I got a call a little less than a month before my date, that her sister was getting married and she moved her wedding date to my day. So while I had Jenny booked for 9 months or something like that before my wedding she cancelled on me right before. To make matters worse, she set me up with a lady claiming to be the best of the best, "the only one she would trust to do her own make up".... I gave her a try and as soon as she walked out the door, I about burst into tears. I had black eyeshadow from lashline to my brow bone, orange bronz on my cheeks and nude/pearl lipstick on. It was terrible. I felt bad, even though I was the one getting screwed. But in the end I made the right decision and decided against using the backup girl. Thank Goodness there are good people in this world. A friend of my husbands has a gf who works in Estee Lauder... she arranged for a girl to do a trial at the mall, she came out to my site on the day of and did a FANTASTIC job... All of my girls looked absolutely stunning and I think I didn't look so bad myself! Wink So while my experience might of been a complete fluke, I found the way she handled her end of the deal, pretty unprofessional... Lord knows how far in advance makeup artists and all other vendors book up! Best Wishes to you!!!!
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