OT: Where to go for bachlorette party?

I hope this is ok to post here... I am supposed to plan my friend's b-party.  I live here in Pittsburgh, but I got married 7 years ago and I have a kiddo, so no partying for me lately (ok in the last four years, NONE at all).  The rest of the wedding party lives out of town.  When I get out these days, we go to D's or something equally casual, not b-party-ish at all. Are there any nice, fun places to go? We are in our early 30's, so the college scene isn't what we are looking for... but dancing, drinks, nice atmosphere?
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    The piano bars are always fun....There is Charlie Murdochs on the South Side and Sing Sing in the Waterfront.  I like the one on the south side because then you have lots of options to go if you wanted to go somewhere else after, and it is usually less packed.  
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    We stayed at the Marriott in South Side Works, got drinks at the Library, made our way to Charlie Murdochs and spent the majority of the night there.  We had a blast! My mom and MIL were also with us and equally enjoyed themselves. 

    I also love Bosa Nova and Olive or Twist in the Cultural District.
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    We also went to Charlie Murdoch's and my two SIL's who are in their 40's and a lot of my co-workers who are in their 30's had a blast as well as everyone else. We went to dinner at Mantini's first which was really nice. They have a really great drink selection too!
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    When I've been to b-parties, we usually go to Station Square because everything is accessible. We usually have a night of drinking and dancing, and if you live close enough a limo is pretty inexpensive. I'm not sure when you're planning the shower, but if everyone is out of town, it might be cool to do it all on the same weekend so the other bridesmaids can attend. I did that for my friend's shower. There were ten bridesmaids and 6 were from out of town. It helped a lot :)
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