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I really like the reading, or poem, I guess you would call it, called "Love" by Roy Croft. I was going to have it read by someone, but later decided that the way it sounds, its more of something that I would read to my FI. I talked to him about the idea of me reading that to him, and he mentioned he would like to read the lyrics to Smashing Pumpkins "Stand inside your love". It has alot of meaning to us :)

But a co-worker mentioned to me that I would probably be pretty emotional (duh) and that if I memorized it, I might flub it up (which I probably would) and if I didnt memorize it, we would both be fooling with folded up pieces of paper, trying to read each other stuff, and it would just drag the ceremony out.

What do you ladies think? Scrap the idea of reading to each other, and just have the minister read what we wanted him to read? Or go ahead with it and drag it out?

We both want a short and sweet, pretty traditional ceremony. I know if I was a guest at a wedding, I wouldnt want it to be long and drawn out, but then again, its my wedding this

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