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Shower Thank You Notes

Should I sign them with my own name, or with my fiances's name as well? 

Re: Shower Thank You Notes

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    I signed mine with just my name since I was the one who wrote the TY note.
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    I did just my name, the shower invites stated the shower was to honor me, not me & hubby. OK, that sounds selfish, but I'm not the one who did the shower or invites. But basically shower was for me, not us as a couple. On gifts that we got that he put on registery, I put that he was excited to see the gift since it was something he had picked out.
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    For the shower that his mom threw I put his name as well since I didn't actually know many of the people. For the shower my mom and maids are throwing me this weekend I will probably just sign my name
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    Thanks, all. I was already doing a combination of things - on gifts from his aunts and cousins at the party his mom threw in Alabama (we live in MD), I signed from both of us. 

    For gifts up here, I've written a few from both of us, and some from just me, and I wasn't sure if I was doing it "right" 
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    The shower was thrown for me not for me and H so I signed just my name to the thank you cards.

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    If it was a shower in which your FI did not attend and it was mostly/all women, I would think that you should only sign your name.
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    Since mine was a bridal shower for me, I signed all the thank you notes with my name only, except for the thank you notes for two gifts.  Those two gifts, although given to me at my bridal shower, were addressed to us both.  So I signed both of our names on those two thank you notes.
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    Our friends threw us a couples shower and I did the TY notes for that the same way I did the wedding TYs:. "Dear SoAndSo, thank you for the awesome stuff. FI and I look forward to using it while being awesome together. It was so kind of you to think of us! Sincerely, SKPM" (Paraphrased, clearly.)

    I always understood it that only one person can physically write a note, and that person signs it. It is obviously helpful to mention your SO in the note since he will enjoy the gifts too.

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    I signed all shower thank you notes with my name only, but often wrote something along the lines of "We can't wait to use it" or "It will look great in our new living room."
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