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Siblings in the wedding party?

I come from a family of 4 girls and am close in relationship and age to the other three (I'm the oldest, the youngest is 5 years younger). I think I am going to ask all of my sisters to be bridesmaids. My fiance, on the other hand, has already asked 5 guys to be his groomsmen, but this number does not include his younger brother, who is 10 years younger. He plans on asking his brother, closer to the wedding (which is a year and a half in the future) to be an usher, but I am afraid that he will be kind of hurt, or it will look like some kind of slight if he is not asked to be in the wedding party. He will be 17 when we have our wedding.

I guess my question is:
If I ask all of my sisters to be in my wedding party, should he have to include his brother in his? Is there a rule about asking your sibling to be in your wedding?

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Re: Siblings in the wedding party?

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    No rule. Ask who you want. This is way early to be asking people. Sides don't have to be even

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    What's the reasoning your FI has for making this brother an usher instead of a groomsman?
    Also, in case anyone's lurking, you probably shouldn't have asked your WP this far out. Since its siblings, you might be ok, but relationships can change.
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    Thanks for all the support everyone!

    My fiance wasn't too worried about it but I just wanted to make sure. Sometimes the little brother can be a little sensitive, but it's our day, right?

    And don't worry, I haven't asked anyone to be in my WP yet. I'm waiting until its a little bit closer to the day. My fiance though has very close and steadfast friends that he asked, so we're not worried about that.
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