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Welcome bag question

So, here's my issue: We are going to make welcome bags with a weekend itinerary for our out-of-town guests. Some of these out-of-towners are invited to the wedding but are not invited to the rehearsal dinner. Do we include the rehearsal dinner on the itinerary? How will those who are not invited know that they- er, um- shouldn't go to that event?

This may sound like a minute detail, but what can I say? It's my wedding and I'm obsessive.

Re: Welcome bag question

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    We did this.  We included 1 itinerary card with wedding events for everyone and for WP/family, we included a second card with info about the RD and photos and such.  Guests didn't get the second card.  I did all of mine through Vistaprint, so it wasn't hard to make up a second card quickly

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    Don't include the rehearsal dinner for those people who aren't invited....
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    Don't put the rehearsal dinner on the itinerary that goes in all of the gift bags. Instead, make up a separate one for the members of the bridal party and one for family members who will be involved in some things (the rehearsal dinner, perhaps) but not other (like hair and make-up). Or just tell people by word of mouth about specific aspects of the wedding.

    What we did was this:
    - Wedding information (ceremony time, venue's address, etc.) in all welcome bags
    - Bridal party sheet (with info for the BMs and for the GM) sent out by e-mail a week in advance (so those coming in from out of town could plan their arrival times if needed)
    - Other family members (ceremony readers, grandparents, etc.) were all informed of when/where the rehearsal and RD dinner would be via e-mail, phone, in person (rehearsal) and by invitation (RD).
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    Make separate cards. Don't give info to people who aren't invited to an event. 
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