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Remember how the 1% did Disney?

Re: Remember how the 1% did Disney?

  • They're actually re-designing the whole disabled access card system that will be rolled out shortly. Hopefully it will avoid the abuse of the system that was going on in the past.
  • oh no! my indigo child!
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    It's really really easy to exploit the handicap lines, anyone could do it, not just the rich. But the were obviously obnoxious the way they did it. Hopefully they will make it more fair
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  • Ugh that's disgusting. When we went to Disneyland as kids we were able to skip lines because of my sister being Autistic. I wonder what changes they're going to implement to cut back on people exploiting that. 
  • People will always exploit the system.

    When we went to Disney after Baby A was in the hospital just before Thanksgiving, they allowed us to use the stroller as a wheelchair for him. It was the only way the doctor would allow us to take him to Disney, and it worked out well. However, we were not ushered to the front of the line. We waited in the Fast Pass line with him in the stroller.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that their disabled "fast pass" solution is reasonable?

  • I think it's reasonable. My only recommendation would be a kiosk for all of the rides at the entrance to the park to make all of your reservations at once. That way if there is a physical issue you can make sure you're timing is good.
  • i think we should wait until oct 9 for the full statement from disney.
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