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Dollar dances gallore

I got back yesterday from my bachelorette weekend. On this (amazing) trip I learned 2 things.

1) I'm really fucking old. Ok, not that old but the days of partying until 9am are long gone (the last night I went back to my room at 9pm).

2) Apparently the dollar dance is common in my circle. WTF? My BM, who's planning her wedding right now too, approached me somewhat cautiously on our drive to Palm Springs and asked if I was having a dollar dance. I don't remember my exact response but there were like 3 swear words in a 5 word sentence. Then she told me that my MOH had one at her wedding. I must have blocked that out. I know I had a strong buzz going during her reception and when my BM said that I started getting little glimpses of memories. I think I remember her dad, who paid tens of thousands of dollars for the wedding, paying to dance with her (he loved it, and I'm not going to bash my MOH). Then she told me that my other BM had one at her wedding (we were estranged for a bit so I didn't go to her wedding).

Again, WTF?! Now you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus.



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