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oahu/maui wedding venues

my fiance and i are looking at getting married next october. we are deciding between oahu and maui, but can't seem to decide on something. preferably, we'd like a restaurant or somewhere we can do both a ceremony and reception. nothing too expensive either! suggestions??

Re: oahu/maui wedding venues

  • Hi! You'll have better luck posting on the Hawaii local boards since this board is international. Good luck and happy planning!
  • thanks! i had a hard time finding where to post
    through my phone.
  • Good Luck! I went to Maui for my brother's wedding and it was beautiful. Right on the beach (with no chairs-boooo!) I was trying hard to figure out how to stay there but no luck, alas.
  • To start, I would recommend Maui over Oahu any day of the week!  Hawaii is all beautiful, but Oahu is very crowded, especially in the Waikiki area.  Maui is more laid back and has a whole different feel to it!  Kauai is awesome as well.  I would really only recommend going to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor, but you can do that as a day trip, no need to stay on Oahu.

    It's been almost 10 years since I've been to Maui, so I don't have any recommendations for you.  But there are many hotels around the island that are right on the beach.  Good luck in your search!
  • @linzadvin I just posted a bunch of venue suggestions on the Hawaii board for another poster.  It's Oahu only, since that is where I got married, but it's a start.  You'll find tons of ladies there who got married on Maui as well

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