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When is it appropriate to pay vendors?

Hey ladies, the big day is just a week away! We owe the photographer a final payment & the DJ'S we hired, is owed payment in full. Is there a right/wrong time to pay them? We got a steal on our DJ'S but have heard very good things about them & they had agreed to do an unlimited time of service for us because we were referred to them through a friend of a friend. We have been planning on tipping them an extra $100 on top of what they are charging to show our appreciation for them being so gracious of their time & rate they've given us. Our photographer has also been very gracious & we found him an old fashioned camera to give him as a gift of appreciation. But we still owe him a balance. So when is it the right time to pay these vendors? The beginning of the day or the end of the day? Thanks!

Re: When is it appropriate to pay vendors?

  • All of our vendors were paid off before the wedding, with the exception of the venue (they had our CC, but bill total was confirmed a couple of days after) and our Officiant.  He took payment right before the wedding, or you didn't get married.  

    I suggest putting all the money (cheque or cash) plus tips in separate envelopes for each vendor with their name on the front.  Leave them with someone you trust (DH took them since I needed time to get ready) and give them to each vendor as required.  That way you're not looking for cash day of.  Check with each vendor and see when they would prefer to be paid - before or after

  • Our wedding is five weeks from today.  We are meeting with our celebrant tomorrow and giving him the second half of his payment.   We are meeting with our photographer next weekend and paying her off in full as well.  Our cocktail musician was paid in full up front because it was only $150.  We'll send our band our final payment the week of the wedding.  The only thing we'll have left to pay is the venue which has our cc number on file already.
  • Most of our vendors had clear payment dates in the contracts.  Check with those first.  All will require payment the day of the wedding, so the suggestion to have payments ready in marked envelopes is a good one.  

    We waited until after the wedding to send gratuities to our DJ.  
  • All of ours are being paid before the wedding, as stated in the contract.  Any tips will be distributed on the day.
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     Most of our vendors also had clear payment 'due dates' on their contracts. For the ones that did not, we had their payments in envelopes that were given to them the day of. Our hair stylist, videographer & DJ were paid the remainder of their costs the day of the wedding. (Cost minus the deposit). Our cake company asked for their payment the day after the wedding. So for those you haven't made payment arrangements with, I'd give them a call & verify when they expect to be paid in full. I wouldn't think there is a right or wrong time to pay them, if they require day-of payment, as long as it's before the end of the night. I second the idea of giving payments to a family member or friend you trust, & have them take care of it. I paid our videographer & hair stylists myself when I saw them the morning of the wedding, before the ceremony. Then I gave one of my BMs the payment for the DJ, which she gave him at the beginning of the reception. 

     That's how we did it anyways! Your best bet is to make a list of who you owe & how much, make some phone calls to see when they require payment, & organize it all early, so it's ready to go! 

     Congrats on your wedding! Not long now! :D

  • All our vendors needed full payment and final count (and other final number decisions) 2 weeks before the wedding (this past Sunday).  I plan on having cards for the DJ and photographer (with a tip for the DJ) ready for someone to give them afterwards.  As for the other vendors (cake & flowers), they'll get their card (with maybe a tip depending on how it all looks) in the mail later.
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