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Von Vonni - Buyer Beware

So, when I picked the bridesmaids dresses OVER a year ago, I picked the Von Vonni transformer dress.  I absolutely loved the color, the fact that it could be worn in a variety of ways to make the bridesmaids comfortable, AND the fact that there seemed to be frequent groupons/ideeli/deals etc. for the dress was an added bonus.  THEN came the problems.  One bridesmaid ordered her dress through HauteLook and was told OVER a month later that the company could not fill the order and they refunded her money.  It sounds like this is the only time a Von Vonni customer got a refund.  So, in mid-July, two of my bridesmaids ordered their dresses through the company directly.  It is now the END of September and not only have they NOT received their dresses, but the company is not returning any of their phone calls, emails, facebook posts, etc.  They paid for the dresses and now have had to go and buy a DIFFERENT dress because my wedding is 12 days away.

I am sharing this with you all as something for you to consider.  I will never do business with this company ever again.  I encourage each of you to carefully consider your options for bridesmaids' dresses as well.

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