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Reviews 9/21/13

I'm back! Our wedding was really great, everything I had wanted it to be.

Wedding Specific:

David’s Bridal: A+ I loved my Dress. I know a lot of people think DB isn’t that great but it was exactly what I wanted. My dress fit me like a dream and was everything I could have wanted without breaking the bank.

Harmony Medina: B  I was really excited to have my hair and makeup done since I’d never had that kind of pampering before.  My makeup was great! I looked natural but still glamourus. My hair was pretty but looking back at the pictures it was not at all what I wanted.  My hair also didn’t make it to the ceremony; we were fixing it as I was getting dressed. My mom’s hair was falling out long before she got dressed. Harmony was lovely to talk to at first but as my MOH and I went to grab coffee she chatted with my mom, once she found out my wedding was same sex she got a bit cool.

Tropicana Ceremony: A  Olivia, Katie and Angelica were wonderful. Katie was who I spoke with the most, she was always quick with a reply and had a lot of information. The day of my wedding we arrived when we were supposed to only to find another wedding just starting. Because of the Iheartradio concert, the wedding scheduled for the garden had to be moved inside. Katie brought me over to the spa so I could dress out of sight. The spa wasn’t very happy to have us there, we were chatting in the hall while my dad tied up my dress and we were told repeatedly to shut up. The spa was about to boot us when Katie finally arrived to say they were ready for us.   

Tropicana Reception: C  When we first started chatting with the Tropicana we were in touch with Leah about our reception options. In the beginning she was wonderful. My emails were answered quickly with a lot of great information. My wife and I went back and forth on a lot of reception details and Leah was great. However, the closer we got to the actual wedding the more difficult it was to get replies from Leah. I emailed her our final guest list 6 weeks before our wedding and requested a quote, I didn’t hear back from her for a week and the reply was that she would let me know. Another week went by when she finally replied with the wrong numbers. I also had to email her for direction on how to pay since she hadn’t sent a new invoice.  When we set up our meeting with the wedding coordinator I asked Leah to attend so we could go over the reception things and give her our seating plans, favours and other items. She didn’t attend the meeting. We gave our items to Olivia who provided them to Leah.  The day before our wedding, as we were in line to ride the roller coaster at the NYNY I got an email from Leah saying that our reception venue had to be changed. She assured me that she would be there to usher our guests but I was not impressed. The only time we met Leah was the minute before we were announced at our reception. She promptly disappeared after that. Our gift bag (for people to put their cards in) was not set up (my wife went to try and find Leah to ask her about our card bag but no one could be found) but everything else looked good.  The service during the reception was luke warm. Water, tea and coffee were supposed to be part of our dinner package but when I asked about tea I was told there was none. Only one table was offered coffee, my aunt asked for some but her server didn’t speak any English so she didn’t get any. Since our ceremony was pushed back a half hour (because of the previous wedding), we lost that time in our reception. We were scheduled to end at 1130 and on the second the service staff flashed the lights at us and had already began to clear the room. People were trying to finish their drinks but if you put it down it was gone. We were told we could talk outside and needed to leave. It was very rude actually. I would have rather if the staff and come to me to say that the time was nearing an end and then I could have gone around getting people ready to leave. In my panic to grab our things I left our ipod cord plugged into the wall. We went back the next day to retrieve it. No one seemed to have any idea what we were taking about. Someone from the cleaning staff took us back into the room we had been in but it was empty. No one had turned it into lost and found and no one from the AV department was available to ask. We’re calling the cord a loss.  The food however, was really good and the booze was strong. Our cake was exactly what I had asked for and it tasted delicious!

Tropicana Extras: A+ Part of our package included a couple’s massage and limo ride. The massage was nothing overly special and I certainly wouldn’t have paid the $130 plus 20% tip for it but having it free was lovely. The Limo however, was amazing and I would probably pay to do it again. Ryan was our driver and he was great, he took us to the sign and apologized over and over when he couldn’t help us get pictures since there was 4 tour buses craming in. After the sign he drove us down the strip to freemont, we got great pictures and saw things we wouldn’t normally get to see.

Cashmans: A  People often give cashmans a lot of crap but our photographer was awesome! The wedding before us seemed a bit demanding and our photographer was not pleased with them. He was wonderful with us and I love the shots he got. We had already prepared to buy a package so the upselling was lost on us.  Our pictures are awesome and I didn’t think the price was awful.  The only issue I had was watching the video of our ceremony. I was hoping it would be more than just focused straight at me but that’s all you see for the whole wedding. Even when my wife was saying her vows it’s focused on me. Bit of a waste really.

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Re: Reviews 9/21/13

  • Yay, congrats! I am sorry The trop and Leah were so rude. I hope you don't dwell to much on your hair! I am sure it was still lovely!  
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  • Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great day despite the hiccups :)

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
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