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Liz Fields Dress Craftmanship worries

I recently purchased this Liz Field's dress:

I was a little overwhelmed when purchasing it, but since trying it on again, looking at my own pictures of it, looking at it on the hanger, and looking at professional pictures, all I can see are the bumps and ripples along the seams in the front. In my opinion, the smooth satin of this dress should lay smoothly over the hips and other areas. Instead, it puckers. The dress isn't tight across my hips or butt. I only wish it were that easy of a fix!

I've asked about steaming, but when I see many incidents of the rippling/puckering, I don't think it's a matter of steaming them out. The dress shop owner mentioned removing the boning, but boning adds structure. Removing it, from my experience, would only make it less shaped.

Am I crazy on this? It's all I see when I look at the dress. Has anyone had this dress and/or any craftsmanship issues with Liz Fields dresses or a dress of a similar style?


  • Ask whoever is altering your dress what can be done about it.
  • It actually fits perfectly, length and all. The last thing I want is for the seams to be ripped open and reswen, as that would really show on the satin finish. But thanks for the suggestion.
  • Unfortunately I don't have any good ideas on how to fix it, but I agree with you that the puckering is noticeable in the professional pic you posted.
  • I think you should take it to a seamstress, try it on for her, voice your opinions, and ask her if anything can be done.
  • Definitely find a good seamstress, they can do some magical things.


  • I just wanted to share that my gown had some rippling along the front. My seamstress also suggested removing some of the boning (not all) and it made ALL the difference. My gown wasn't satin, though, and I think that satin is tough no matter how well it is sewn. Definitely ask your seamstress. Good luck... It's a gorgeous dress.
  • Thanks all - I was able to return the dress for store credit. Such a weight off my shoulders! Now, back to the hunt for the (2nd) perfect dress!
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