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Hello Brides!  Congrats on your upcoming weddings and for being focused on looking your best!  You will be so glad you focused on health for your wedding, and hopefully carry your new healthy habits into your life thereafter!

Whether you are looking to drop some pounds to change your silhouette, tone your back for your awesome backless dress, or get some definition in your arms, you can totally accomplish it & I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you get there. If I'm coming across TOO excited, it is probably because I am. Why? Because I worked hard for to get in shape for my wedding day and a year later, I am still in LOVE with my photos. I am so proud of them, and I want you to have that feeling too! You want to feel happy & in love...NOT self conscious on your big day.

 I manage a private group on Facebook focused on health and wellness.  As a team, we post about our daily workouts, ask each other questions, share recipes, and gain motivation from each other.  There are all types of folks, not just brides, but we are all focused on getting in shape.  Many of us are doing Insanity or P90X (I'm currently doing Focus T25), others are active runners, some have weight training programs...we all can help you find a workout that fits your schedule and your goals.  We can also help you find recipes and nutrition that are realistic and executable to help you meet your goals.  Basically it is a fun, free outlet to keep us accountable and active!

If you would like an extra push and some friends to help you get in shape, just send me a message on Facebook and I'd be glad to have you join us.

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Congrats on your engagement, ladies!  Let's get in shape together!

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