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Ceremony Seating Dilemma

Because we're having our ceremony and reception in the same building/room, I was thinking of seating all the guests at the tables for the ceremony. The tables would be arrainged in rows and the guests seats would all face the front. I've seen this done before with long rectangular tables and it was very pretty.

Is this a bad idea? What would you think if you were a guest?

Re: Ceremony Seating Dilemma

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    I personally wouldn't like it if I were a guest, but maybe that is just me. I have never seen it done before like that.
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    As long as I had a seat, I'd be fine with it as a guest.
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    I wouldn't mind as a guest.  You might want to see about getting a small platform for the altar to make it easier for your guests to see.
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    I think its fine.
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    I think that having them at tables will be awkard, but I don't think it's terrible.

    Friends of mine went to a table where they did that, but people were sitting at the wrong tables for the ceremony (and then by extension the cocktail hour).  When they were finally at their right seats for the reception, the plates already had crumbs on them and such.  Just something to guard against if you do this.
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    I agree that I would feel a bit weird as a guest-kind of like it was dinner theater. 
    Also, at least where I am from, weddings are a place to talk with friends and family etc. I would wonder how that would work if I can only logistically talk to two people (those on either side of me) not only at the reception but at the actual ceremony itself beforehand. After the ceremony would people still be sitting forwards facing only? If so then what would they be looking at as they ate and how are they suppose to mingle easily?

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    What you should do is you should use the dance floo. take ths seats from the tables and set them up on the dance floor. Then after the ceremony ask the guests to bring their own chair back and have a few people who can help with it as well. Like your groomsmen or even a couple of friends for who need help.
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