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tipping the wedding planner?

I've already paid her a TON.
Some websites say yes, some say no.

Re: tipping the wedding planner?

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    Does she work for herself? then no. Does she work for a company? Is gratuity included in contract? If not, and for a company, I would tip her maybe like $100.
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    She works for herself - thanks, you're right. That's a good rule. DJ - company/tip Photographer - self/no tip
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    I didn't tip my wedding planner.  It's her company and I already paid her a lot.  She did a great job, but the way I see it, that WAS her job. I did give her stellar reviews, though, and I know she appreciated it.
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    I am a wedding planner and I feel like the brides shouldn't have to tip a wedding planner. You have already paid a lot of money to her/him.
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