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I love the idea of having a head table at the reception, but however due to the space/layout for the reception it doesn't appear that we will have space if we include dates(which I know is the appropriate thing to do). So my question is are there any other alternatives besides a sweetheart table? Would it be totally rude to just include the best man and maid of honor and their respective dates at the head table. We each have one other attendant and they would each have many mutual friends to sit with. Are there any other alternatives fellow knotties? 

Re: Alternatives to head table

  • A king's table may work better with the lay out. Also, you can put your head (or whatever style you choose) table in other less-traditional places in the room, such as in the centre of everyone versus at the top of the room. Also consider an "L" or "U" shaped table set up. 
  • Totally acceptable to have BM, MOH and their dates only at the head table.

    There are lots of other options that are less like a head table if you just do a normal table with you two: you can sit with some of the WP or some of your family (such as both of your parents).

    As long as you aren't separating dates, you can pretty much do anything!
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  • I don't think it would be rude at all.  What type of tables will they have at your venue?  You could fit everyone at a ten person rounder.  We used an eight person rounder for DH and I, the maid of honor and her FI, the best man and his wife, and our 2 bridesmaids (they were my 13-year-old nieces so no dates).  
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  • Can someone explain what exactly a kings table is? I've never heard of that one before.
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    It's like a head table except you have people sitting on both sides so you can fit more people.  So really a long table with people sitting on both sides.  

    ETA here's a photo of what it looks like:

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  • We have the same issue - our tables will be circular and fit 12- we have 6 on each side of the bridal party so we decided that our parents and my sister and BIL (he's an only child) will be our head table and we'll have the bridal party at the tables on either side of us. 
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    I used to want to have a head table, then I my FI's brother got married last July and I saw a sweetheart table. I liked it alot. 

    With my room layout we're taking a square table, I believe my venue called it a 2 seater. We are going to turn it so it's a diamond and then FI & I will sit on each side. We'll be placed in the corner with the windows behind us. We'll be facing the guests, they'll be facing us. The dancefloor is in the middle. Kind of going in an arch or wide U shape. They won't be able to see us when the dancing starts but by the FI & I should be walking around =) 

    I always wanted to do the traditional bridal party head table but then you have the SOs or you run the risk of basically telling everyone at your wedding who in the bridal party is single. So i opted out of it *shrugs* 
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    Our venue actually recommends a round head table (well, it recommends a sweetheart table, but if you want a head table, they recommend a round one). Often, one of the issues with the head table is that the newlyweds will be sitting down for probably just the entree, which means that everyone else at the table is basically left staring out at the party, and they can't really just socialize with people at their table.

    Additionally, there's nothing wrong with not having a head table OR a sweetheart table, and having a round table with, say, your parents and/or siblings or something. We're doing a sweetheart table because we both really lean on each other for support when we're the center of attention, and it'll give us a few more moments to breathe. But if we were doing a head table, we'd do a round one, probably with our siblings.
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