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We haven't found a policy that covers both travel and the DW itself. I've found separate policies that cover each. We're traveling to Mexico in the height of hurricane season, it seems prudent to take policies on both the travel and the wedding package. Has anyone had to use their insurance: was it easy, worth it, etc., The travel insurance we are looking at would run about $300-$350 for both of us and is less than 10% of the trip's cost. Does that sound about right, I've never purchased travel insurance, but this is definitely the costliest trip I've ever booked. Any insurance companies (travel and/or wedding) that we should avoid at all costs?

Re: Travel & Wedding Insurance

  • We've purchased travel insurance and wedding insurance, but have not had to use either at this point. Not sure if any of the following will answer your question, but thought I would throw it out in there in hopes that some if it is helpful. :)

    We've purchased travel insurance last winter for a cruise, because we leave in Wisconsin and in case we got a blizzard and couldn't make a flight, we wanted the cruise to be covered. That was purchased through They provide approximate costs for insurance from various companies, and then you purchase through the company. That may be a place to check out for the travel insurance to see that what your paying is in range. 

    My FI purchased wedding insurance through Traveler's for around $300. Our wedding is in a couple weeks, at the end of hurricane season, so we bought it just in case. It covers everything -- even if one of us gets appendicitis or is deployed (neither of us are military). 

    Again, not sure if that was helpful, but thought I would try. GL!
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  • @WiscDoll322 that is extremely helpful. I looked at a few plans through for our travel and so far the plans look legit. The wedding insurance I've found online didn't seem quite as legit but Travelers has been around forever. I'll try to find a local agency and go talk with an agent. Thank you and I'll keep my fingers crossed for dry WI weather and a calm Atlantic this fall!
  • @STBMrsEverhart, glad that information was helpful! I'm fairly certain my FI purchased the Traveler's wedding insurance online, so you could check that out as well.

    Congrats, and have fun planning!
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