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How far out to send the Save the Dates?

We are looking to do our wedding Oct 2015 (still working on where, since UT football is HUGE in Knoxville and we are trying to find a weekend without a home game).  Anyway, my family is all over the country and Canada and his is mostly in New Orleans, and then we have a bunch of local people that we will invite. 
How early should I send out STDs?  I know especially for his family the trip is going to be expensive and my sister (in BC) travels a lot so I want to make sure that she has time off to come.  

We are trying to go for Columbus Day weekend because that way people will have a better time traveling.
Thanks in advance!

Re: How far out to send the Save the Dates?

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    I wouldn't send them out any sooner then a year out.  The 10 month mark, IMO, is better.

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    If you're looking for Oct of 2015, send out your STDs in either December 2014 or January 2015. You can tell VIPs (like his immediate family and yours) sooner so they know ahead of time.
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    I agree with PP. We checked our date with VIPs then sent save the dates at 12 months out.

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    I wouldn't do any earlier than January of 2015.  Nine months should be plenty, and I wouldn't want them to get lost in the Christmas shuffle before that.  Like PP said, you can verbally let your VIPs know before you send them.
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    Thanks Ladies!
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    To add to the other great advice, I'd wait until you have your venue booked, just to make sure that date is locked-in. Once you have the date locked, then you can send them (at the 10-12 month mark).
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