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Grove Park Inn Asheville

Thinking abt fall wedding there. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Re: Grove Park Inn Asheville

  • We had a wedding there 2 years ago and everything was perfect. Keep in mind there has been a change in management since then.
  • The Grove Park Inn is amazing. I lived in Asheville, so I only stayed there once for a friend's wedding, but it truly is a beautiful hotel, especially in the fall. On cool nights, they turn on the big fireplace in the lobby. I don't know about their wedding services, but the hotel overall is very nice. It won't be cheap because it is one of the top hotels, if not #1, in Asheville. But I've always had good experiences when visiting for drinks or dinner. 
  • Just attended an event there and everyone attending the event loved it, the staff was so helpful and attentive (and available), and the place is immaculate, right down to the restrooms. For a large wedding, you probably can't beat it. For smaller weddings, they have a variety of beautiful locations to choose from.
  • It's great but of course so expensive!! 
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