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My friends have been asking me if they need a car. My first instinct was "Yes! You don't want to be stuck in waikiki!" But on the other hand, I know that there are lots of tours that pick people up in Waikiki and I don't think the bus system is ridiculously hard, especially because its linked into google maps. Questions:

Luau: Germaine's or Paradise Cove? (I've been to both and neither stands out in my head)

Transportation: How many of your guests rented cars? Were they okay without it?

Trolley: This is one of those crazy tourist overpriced things to me but did anyone recommend these to your guests?

Circle Tour: Did anyone do a shuttle tour around the island? Recommendations?

Activities I'm overlooking?: Pearl Harbor/Swap meet, the pineapple maze at dole, North Shore Shave Ice (although waiola's is my fave) and a luau are going to be my recommended must-dos for a true tourist experience. Are there other inexpensive activities (Hanauma is always crazy crowded but do tourists think it's worth it?)

I'm such a failure at being a local! Haha I just never get a chance to be a tourist and it's hard to help other people be one :)
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    A bunch of our guests rented scooters while they were on Oahu. Some of them were able to go around the entire island on them. I "scooted" myself one day (reluctantly) with a large group of our friends, and it was actually a blast. It was a fun way to see the island--much better than a rental car. We went for a hike and did some cliff jumping, then hopped back on our scooters. You might recommend them for your more adventurous guests.

    I agree with you--you have to get out of Waikiki to really appreciate Oahu. We usually rent a car when we go there. I think people are okay without one since there is so much going on in Waikiki, but they will miss out on the best parts of the island. I've never done the shuttle tours, so I'm no help there.
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    if you're guests rent cars through aloharentals.com they can get upto 3 drivers with a rental at no additional costs. Many of our guests have gone in as groups to save money on the their rentals.
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    definitely rent a car!!! you could see the island by bus, but omg that would take many many hours.

    I think that for tourists, Hanauma Bay is worth it, but you have to tell them to get there early early early. It's a really safe environment for snorkeling and it is fun! Otherwise they can try to snorkel on North Shore, but I see you're getting married in November and I know the waves up there at that time will make it impossible. (btw they should check out the surfers up there then! I think there might be a contest or two at that time, and it is pretty cool to watch!)

    Paradise Cove - I went there the first time I came to Hawaii when I was 14 and we all had a blast. It's the only one I've been to, but I thought it was great! Plus it is so beautiful out there.

    Our guests are renting cars. The last time my family came out here, my dad and brothers rented mopeds and rode all over the place. They absolutely loved it and had a blast!
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    Luau - We did the Paradise Cove Luau with all the guests and it was great.  It was my 2nd time doing that Luau and I have to say the 2nd time was even more enjoyable than the first.

    Transportation - Some of our guests rented cars, some didn't.  Some just rented for certain days when they wanted to go exploring and that seemed to work out for them.  I for one, hate the trapped feeling so I couldn't do it but that's just me.

    Tours - My MIL and 2 SIL did one of the shuttle tours and really enjoyed it.  They showed me the list of things they saw in a day and I had done all of it, but over a week and a half.  They were tired at the end of the day but my MIL was just thrilled.

    In addition to everything mentioned above our guests did the Polynesian Cultural Center and hiked Diamond Head - fabulous views up there.  Also as extras we did the "Rock N Roll Blues Cruise" and the guys did a sailing/snorkeling thing.

    Hope this helps.
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