Help...kind of an odd question.

Hello ladies! I know that TK has been such a good help connecting people and I kind of have an odd questions/request. I am possibly moving to Hastings, NE coming up & was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on where to look for a rental home there. Are there any property rental companies or specific companies/people/apartment complexes I can look into? I can't seem to find much on the internet. I am also willing to look into Grand Island for housing if there is anything available in the 3 bedroom range....thanks everyone!
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Re: Help...kind of an odd question.

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    maybe try their classifieds at the  Otherwise I would call a real estate agency and see which ones do property management.  Many of them will have rental listings.  You may also be able to find something on craigslist or for grand island properties.  Hope that helps! :)
  • Check out, its the Grand Island newspaper for rentals in the Grand Island area.  I live in a small town southeast of Grand Island about 18 miles, but work in GI and see listings in their paper all the time.  Agree with the previous post as well on checking with a real estate agency for rental listings.

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