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North Carolina-Outer Banks

OBX Kettle Corn

I new I forgot a vendor!!!!!

We put Outer Banks Kettle Corn in our welcome bags, and it was a hit!!!!  Everyone loved it, and multiple people kept asking where they could actually purchase it.  Owen doesn't even like Kettle Corn, and Lisa was nice enough to give us a huge bag for ourselves, and he ate it all, and declared it was the best!  Please, if you are thinking of doing welcome bags, look into OBX Kettle Corn.  It was wonderful!!!  

Re: OBX Kettle Corn

  • Oh that is so great to hear, we are thinking of doing the same in our OOT bags!  Do you happen to know how much they charge and was it for the little sample type bags??
  • They were the smal bags, and it was $4.00 per bag.  It seems like a lot of money, but it really is the best kettle corn ever.  We are leaving the OBX tomorrow, and I am stopping on my way out to get more for my friends, b/c it is all gone, and everyone is requesting it again!  We ordered directly from Lisa, but you can now order online at www.obxkettlecorn.com
  • There's a place in Corolla also that makes AMAZING popcorn coated in a vanilla glaze.  its AWESOME.  We tried it at the expo.  They charge $2.85/bag for small bags of their pirate's blend or something.  For the $2.85/bag, they will give you nice, professionally sealed bags of popcorn with the glaze dyed to your colors and your own personal professional looking labels.  We didn't do them because we didn't have enough left in our budget.  Here's the website:

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  • Thanks! I've tried contacting the popcorn shoppe  but haven't heard back. If we have enough in our budget, this is something we wanted to do. 
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  • Keb- is that the outerbanks popcorn factory??  I think I tried theirs and it was really good!
  • Yes, it used to be call that, but I think they had to change their name for  copyright reasons or something.
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  • For those doing out of town bags and will have guests staying in mutliple hotels and vacation rental homes etc. I would recommend adding a line to your RSVP card so that your guests can tell you where they are staying.  This way you can coordinate the OOT bag drop offs :) 

  • I am working on a popcorn buffet with old school popcorn boxes. I am going to purchase three large bags of popcorn flavors and let guest scoop their own.
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