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April 2011 Weddings

Is it just me or...

...Is your siggy pic not showing after the new format???Cry
How do you feel about the new format?

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Re: Is it just me or...

  • I've heard other people having a problem with their pics.  I was just getting used to the other format, haha, but I'm sure I'll get used to this format soon.  Just like when they change formats on Facebook I always hate it at first but then love it once I get used to it! 
  • Hate this new format! Anyone able to get into their local boards yet?

    I think TK didn't think this through long enough.I been hearing there has been a lot of problems so far! We'll see how this works out soon enough :) Good luck ladies!Tongue out
  • What I like is the faces... I use them all the time while chattingLaughing. And I guess that inserting picture will be easier now. But man I still can't get my siggy pic to show. I don't have time to add another project to my to do list. couldn't they at least waited until x-mas break GodYell

    O well wacha gonna do, just learn the darn thing. "See" you later Hotties, on my way to class

    Wedding Bio

    New Married Blog
    Anniversary BabyFruit Ticker ~Pamela&Steven~6.25.2011~PuntaCana,DR~ image
  • i HATE the new format. Plus, it deleted my intro post :( I'm too lazy to post it again too. My main annoyance is i always use the 'my posts' feature and now I will have to go through extra steps to monoter posts...
  • I'm a little annoyed that they didn't think to test something like user names with an "&" in them.  Because of that I can't log in and had to create another account until they get it fixed. Frown
  • i hate the new format too. i know lots of girls on my local board changed their names because of "&".
  • Hi ladies! I am new to this board but am always over on the destination weddings board. I am also getting married in April of 2011, so I thought I would drop in and see what was going on over here!

    I actually am starting to like this new format. It took me a long time and many trial runs to get my siggy done but it finallly works! The only thing that really bothers me about the new board is that it is so slow! But they apparently have added more servers and we should see a difference soon.
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