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New Hampshire

Average cost of DJ's/Band -- Help

Help -- I am building my budget for a September 2011 wedding and have no clue how much a DJ or Band would run me.   Does anyone have any rough estimates for a either/both?

1/2 hour for the ceremony
1 hour for cocktails
4 hours dinner/dancing

Thank you!!

Re: Average cost of DJ's/Band -- Help

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    It really depends on where your DJ is from and if from a company what "level" they are at...

    My DJ, Dave Lynch, is costing us $999 for 6 hours (cocktail hour and 5 hour reception)

    When I was looking at DJ's for a 5 hour reception (before we extended it an hour) I saw prices from $400-1200+ 

    Some companies like Main Event DJ, Get Down Tonight, Goodtimes DJ etc...have DJ's from a few hundred all the way up to 1K plus...

    BabyFruit Ticker
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    We're going with Billy Rears from Main Event and it was about $1,050 for him after we got a discount for booking him early. He is doing our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.
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    George will play classical guitar for ceremony and cocktail hour, and then DJ for a reception if you'd like him to stay!  Prices are on his site, and I believe he still offers a discount for multiple services.  We couldn't have been happier with him!
    Christina 10.26.08
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