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December 2010 Weddings

Out of Town (OOT) bags for hotel guests???

Are any of you ladies putting these together for your OOT guests?

I was thinking about it, but, it's definitely something I wouldn't spend a whole lot of time on (got so much to do already!) but I would think it'd be a nice little touch for guests traveling from out of state or farther away....just like a couple bags of candy or snacks and little tissue packs or what not)......

The problem is....I know that A LOT of people plan on getting a hotel room just for the hell of it-even if they live nearby...I don't necessarily blame them, it's gonna be one heck of a party, but now this makes it difficult to do the OOT bags. I mean, will I have to make them for every hotel guest? Or do I have to find out who is coming from out of state and put their names on the bags so only the ones who actually have traveled from far away will get them?

Anyone else had a similar situation and what are you doing?
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Re: Out of Town (OOT) bags for hotel guests???

  • I am just doing them for the first 25 guests.  All of my out of town guests are coming in the Thursday night before, so I know that they will all get them.  Anyone who is close I assume won't check in until Friday. So I am just telling the hotel to give them out until they don't have anymore.

    I bought bottles of water, granola bars, gum, at the dollar store I found those single serve packs of  asprin, a local attractions pamphlet, Band-aids, and then this amazing local jam made where I live with crackers.  I also made a welcome card with the schedule of events.
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  • i am making them for all of my guests who are staying at the hotel.  similar things to PP, granola bars, water, chips, advil, hershey kisses, hot chocolate packets and starbucks via packets, along with a welcome note.  i think it's a nice touch and every wedding i've been to thats done this- i rip into that thing as soon as i get back to the room the night of the wedding!!
  • 1 per room for all guests staying at the hotel. Those staying at alternative hotels, will most likely not get it. I am filling with snacks, welcome letter, hangover kit, schedule of events, and limo transfer timing.
  • I'm also doing 1 per room for all guests.  We only provided info for one hotel, so that's going to be the only one we will do the bags for.  I think that they are a great touch and not too time consuming.  Your guests will definitely appreciate it!
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  • We're doing small bags for everyone who stays at the hotel where we have a room block.  I think it gets too complicated for the front desk of the hotel to be sorting out which bag goes to which guest/room.
  • Like most, I'm only giving them out to the people staying at the reception hotel.  I'm putting in things that we love and things that are symbols of our relationship.  I also put in a welcome note and I'm going to get some souvenirs from Milwaukee. :)

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  • We're going to do OOT guest baskets for guests staying at the hotel that we made a deal with (we're also having a recovery brunch here the following morning).  My mother is in charge of these, but I know that we're putting in an itinerary for the weekend, list of pick-up/drop-off times for the limo bus, official visiting guide to the city, bottled water, popcorn, buckeyes (my FI is from OH), bourbon balls (a KY tradition), and other goodies.  We are just doing them for the OOT guests, but that's really all the guests that are staying at the hotel (besides ourselves). 
  • I'm not doing OOT bags.  Mostly because it'd just be too much more money.  Basically everyone except my coworkers are from OOT.  Allllll of FI's family is out of state, and I have several out of state.  Also, mostly everyone's staying at a hotel b/c it's NYE.  I figure - we're feeding everyone twice at the reception and everything is free lol.   I was, however, thinking of doing some sort of hangover basket...
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  • Since our wedding is NYE we have a lot of people staying at our hotel that actually live here - so the cut off for us was people that flew here. We had to pick some sort of cut-off to keep in our budget - and that's what we decided! : ) good  luck!
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  • Our wedding is on a Friday, and several guests haven't been to my hometown before. Therefore, to entice people to stay for the wedding I'm doing them so people can have some good recs about what to do, where to eat, etc.
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