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OK so I would like to get the word out to my bridal shower guests that I can not wear flimsy lingerie - I need support!! ie -underwire, and bustier that will support a full figure :) How can this be worded in the shower invites?


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    I wouldn't worry about it.

    If it isn't a lingerie shower, you probably won't get too much actual lingerie.

    If people do buy you items that are more slinky and like a nightgown, you can either decide to keep it or return it later.

    And if someone asks, it's fine to tell them.

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    Ditto banana.  Unless it's a lingerie shower, you won't get much if any lingerie at your shower.  Are you registered somewhere for home stuff?  That's mostly what you'll get.  If you do get something you can't use, just return it.  Also, your guests's know you and your body shape.  If you're a full figured girl, they'll know what to get and what not to get you know?
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    Are you doing your own shower invites?  Hopefully someone is hosting that for you...  I would say that no matter who's hosting the shower, it would not be ok to put gift preferences of any kind on the invite (unless it's a "theme" shower).
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