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April 2013 Weddings

So has anyone else had their first meltdown yet?

So had my first fitting and finding the bra I need has sent me into a tailspin. I went to five different places and the only one I found gave me back boobs. I then had a major meltdown about everything I need to do.

Reserved seating signs, bathroom door pictures, put together bathroom baskets, mod podge tiles for table placements, start work on cd favor, start addressing invites etc..... Full on meltdown.

Plus also trying to fix up townhouse to list when we get married.... I guess it was about time for the meltdown, yes?

Anyone starting the freaking yet?

Re: So has anyone else had their first meltdown yet?

  • I think I'm just about to have my meltdown.  I haven't ordered my invitations yet, I can't find a veil that I like, tracking down ADRs is annoying and then there is all of the little stuff.  There is also reality that gets in the way and I misplaced my checkbook today and can't find it.  I think I'll be taking a week off from doing anything major just to calm down before the holidays.  That's when I know I will have my meltdown because in their good natured way both sides of the family always want to know how planning is going and what are the ideas, and then the criticism sets in. 
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  • I have behaved myself over the wedding pretty well.

    Other stuff going on in my life right now I've had some meltdowns. So long as I get to wear the pretty dress and the food is good and we end up married I refuse to worry about my wedding.
  • I'm trying not to worry too much. We're having a small wedding and I keep reminding myself it's not about impressing our guests with fancy centerpieces or other materialist things, it's just about celebrating our love with our closest family and friends.

  • Eh, pretty close but no meltdown yet. I'm definitely angry with our planner and reception venue situation, but otherwise everything has been going pretty well.

    We have a lot we need to do in the next month or so - order bridesmaid dresses, send out Save the Dates, and solidify the caterer. But the latter two are dependent on figuring out a new reception venue. Hoping we don't have to change the date!

    I know I'll start really freaking out in January! By then the bustle of the holidays will be behind us, and I know time will FLY after the new year! As long as the planning stuff works out OK, I'm pretty pumped about the party! :) I just got to celebrate with my best friend for her wedding last weekend, and it was a GREAT feeling! I know it'll be even better when it's my own wedding!

    Ask me again in February tho :-P
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    Reply requested by March 23.
  • I think it's a little early for a meltdown.. Looking at my checklist, I have more to do each month that gets closer. Right now I'm still coasting because details aren't too important yet, I'm saving my energy for when I have to write place cards, doing table seating charts, get our marriage license, do dress alterations, etc. I've gotten a good handle on my DIY projects as early as I could do them so they didn't all add up at once. I think more than anything the money issue is what gets me. It sometimes makes me sick seeing how much money is leaving our bank account and having to watch what we spend and now worrying about presents for the holidays. Just calm down and realize there's still 5 months left to do all the little things!
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  • Btw the things you listed.. Bathroom baskets, reserved signs, very simple. Go to the travel aisle one day and grab some stuff, honestly I have never known anyone to use anything in the bathroom baskets besides maybe mints. Typically you don't have deodorant and medicine and tampons waiting for you when you leave the house for 5 hours so I don't see the huge deal in stressing over them know what I mean? Reserved signs are super simple pretty much no matter how you're making them also
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  • edited November 2012
    Okay one day later and doing much better. Honestly the thing that caused the meltdown was the stupid bra..... I have HUGE body issues (eating disorder in past) and anything related to what I have to wear sends me into a tailspin.. And then everything seems much larger than it is. I found bare nessesaries and have five different bras in three different sizes coming to me so hopefully one of them will work. I actually already have had the bathroom basket supplies and have decorated the basket... Just need to place and arrange items in and make sure it looks okay. So... Clearly was having a crazy moment ;)
  • I had my meltdown the 1 hour after I purchased my wedding gown...very early in the process to have a meltdown, yes, but it happened. I was convinced that I had purchased the wrong dress (and still have my doubts, but I'm dealing with it), and panicked. just remind yourself to take a deep breath!
  • Not yet, but am holding in the STRESS!!! My muscles are all tense and knotted!!! Can't wait to go for my massage, honestly why s finding a veil I like Sooooo difficult? Still no invites...and time is NOT waiting:((( I just want this process to be over
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  • No meltdown, but I had a mini tantrum today.  After ordering the shoes I wanted and having my order cancelled 3 times, I found out that they are no longer being made in a size 12 - gotta love having sasquatch feet.  I had such a hard time finding flats in my size and these were so perfect.  I'm still kind of angry - especially since there are now 3 online stores that have my credit card info for shoes that never should have been listed on their website to begin with.  So I put an alert on my card for 6 months.  Blecch!
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