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Colors, and flowers, and DISTANCE! Oh my...

I'm a long distance bride. My fiance is in Minnesota/Wisconsin, we are getting married in Michigan, and I am currently living in Florida for work. I can't be there to see things come together and everything has to try and be done over the phone/internet or on my few short breaks home.

I've reached the 6-months-to-go stage. I'm starting to get nervous and am rethinking all of my planning decisions. Will my colors look dumb? Will my flowers match?

How do you reassure yourself and retain control and composure?

Re: Colors, and flowers, and DISTANCE! Oh my...

  • I was a destination bride and had some of these same feelings.  It's normal to feel this way whether you are 30 minutes away or 30 hours away.  You just have to trust your vision and your instinct.  I am sure that you have thought over every decision and were firm when making those decisions.  You know what you want and you have this vision in your head.  As long as you continue making decisions in keeping to what your vision is, everything will turn out beautifully and even better than you dreamed of.

    Your colors are going to look beautifultogether, the flowers will be full in bloom, your dress will fit like a glove and you will look absolutelystunning!

    We all have hiccups every now and again but stay true to your vision and everything will be just fine :)


  • My fiance and I are in the UK and our wedding is in VA.   I'm mostly placing my trust in the professionals who I've hired to help me (DJ, Florist, Photographer, Venue Coordiantor), because it is their job to know how this stuff works, not mine.   In the end, if every detail isn't perfect, as long as we end up married I don't think I'll really care about anything else:-)  
  • Avion---where in VA?  I am in the Richmond area :)


  • OBX -- the wedding is in Cville.  Fortunately my parents live there and they are being really helpful, but for the most part we've planned everything over the internet and in two short trips home.
  • louchasm: Go to the Michigan board nearest your wedding location (if you haven't already). There are boards for the metro Detroit area, Lansing/mid state, Grand Rapids. The brides on the local boards will be a great help and assist with finding vendors in the area to reassure you.

    I planned almost my entire wedding with online resources and the assistance of my local board, in spite of the fact it was only 40 miles from my home. I only met with my venue twice (when we secured it, and then about 2-3 weeks beforehand with my day of coordinator and caterer). I think in total I only had 4 meetings between all my vendors in 18 months.

    It's also natural to question your the end whatever you envisioned will be great.

    Good luck.
  • I'm in North Carolina, my FI is in Mississippi and we're getting married in Colorado  haha  so I feel ya!

    We've planned everything over internet/phone and 2 quick trips out there.  I didn't book anything with seeing/meeting/tasting first because I've heard of some girls getting scammed by booking vendors online that they never actually met in real life.  So really as long as the vendors actually show up then it'll be a raging success!!  :-D

    Our wedding is May 5th, we've got all the big stuff done and now I'm just working on my (neverending) diy list :)

    Good luck in your planning!  I have days where I stress about things working out, but in the end I'm confident everything will fall together.... for all of us!  :)
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