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Hello Ladies !!
I just wanted to tell you guys how great my experience was at Fit To be Tan in Arlington- www.fittobetan.com

I found some other DC knotties who used this place and asked around how it was, and i found nothing but great compliments... :) So I figured 2 weeks before I come in for a trial and just see what the coloring was Like. They use an 8% on all brides- its a soft glow :) very nice. The girl I worked w/ Kelly is super sweet and very very professional. You can go in undies or just all nude however you want, and I felt very comfy- she is super sweet and its not akward at all. I would def. recommend it a few wks before and try it out and see how you like it, if it something you would like ! Def better tahn a tanning bed b/c its custom and she gets every nook and cranny... not streaky at all and doesnt look like you spent am onth in the bahamas- really nice glow!! Also one of the best things about this place- super accomodating! I had my time for 845pm but since the snow storm was coming, i called and asked if i could come earlier and she told me to not stress, come whenever i wanted shed fit me in- theyre great at working w/ you and your schedule! !! A+
Tips to keep in mind**
- wear loose clothes before you go b/c youll have some rub off but it washes out
- the prices are on the site, but $20 is for above your stomach...so its def cheaper and i wasnt told that before i went- if i knew i wouldnt have paid $35 for my whole body..since ill be in a dress- it wont matter. So def. keep that in mind
- it may look really orangy or really tan right away....i was sorta fraeking out b/c it was too tan, but i took a shower the next morning and it really softened down and alot came off..looks wayyy better :) & some places that were spotty before, now are gone. dont freak out!

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