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August 2010 Weddings

football themed wedding

me and my fiance are having a football themed wedding aug of 2010. for the ceremony i am wearing my dress and my maid of honor is going to be wearing a dress in michigan blue(we will be changing into our jerseys after the ceremony and pic's), the guys will be wearing there favorite football team jersey. but of course for pics they will have dress clothes to wear. our flower girl is going to be wearing a university of michigan cheer leading outfit and the ring barres are going to be wearing football jerseys too. we are having a tailgate style reception. insted of a cake we are doing a tear apart football shaped cake(made out of cupcakes) and cupcakes decorated in football team colors. we are asking our guest to wear there favorite team colors or jerseys, it can be college, pro, or even high school, as long as its a football team. we are looking for more ideas. if anyone can help us that would be great. thank you

Re: football themed wedding

  • I think thats a good theme. I would if I could get away with it but my FI is definitely NOT a sports fan so....
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  • If that's what you're really into, then go for it.  It's NMS at all, and I and my family are really into college fbl.  But a wedding isn't a tailgate or a bday that needs an over the top theme like this. 

    If you decide to stick with this theme, you may want to consider toning it down and instead incorporate your school's colors into your colors and maybe do some UM favors.  With that, and the RB and FG as you describe, you'd still get the point across without literally changing the wedding to a tailgate.

    No matter what, don't dictate or otherwise ask your guests to wear anything.  It's considered rude to try to tell your guests what to wear.  If they ask, you can tell themby word of mouth it's a UM-themed tailgate wedding and encourage them  to wear their tailgate wear.

    Have you also considered that not ALL of your guests will be UM fans?  For those that support other (or no) teams, you would be requiring them to buy clothing for your wedding, which isn't appropriate.  Which, btw, I wouldn't do as a guest - esp. if I supported a different team.  Best to just let them wear what they want.
  • carrie she did say that they could wear whatever team they liked right near the end. As long as it was a football jersey.

    Once again I think what you have planned already is a great idea!
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  • Lakerchic7272Lakerchic7272 member
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    Well, I think its a great idea.. If I could I would do a John Deere theme, but eh its over done.

    However- I do see just one MAJOR problem you haven't seemed to think of...

    I think you should consider switching your colors to GREEN & WHITE. Yeah perhaps a MSU theme would be 3 million times better.

    Sorry. I just had to poke some fun. I grew up on State tickets.  Seriously though, if you're huge fans, thats awesome- and it will be a wedding no one will ever forget!
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_august-2010-weddings_football-themed-wedding?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:593Discussion:edaccb07-690f-4856-ad83-7685aae143a7Post:637d06e1-4b6c-401a-874e-5cfe0fd6185e">Re: football themed wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]carrie she did say that they could wear whatever team they liked right near the end. As long as it was a football jersey. 
    Posted by michelle04us[/QUOTE]

    <div>I didn't catch that.  But it still assumes that just b/c ppl like a team they have a jersey in that team's colors.  Lots of ppl don't.  There's also lots of ppl that don't like fb at all.  I love our local college fb team, but tons of friends and family couldn't care less.  </div><div>
    </div><div>Which is why I think if you're going to do this, you should get the word out by word of mouth only that you're encouraging ppl to bring a fb jersey (if they have one) to change into.</div>
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    Honestly, there's no way I'd ever wear anything football related to a wedding.
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  • I don't really like themed weddings either. I kind of agree that some things should be kept for tailgate parties and such. Then again, it's not my wedding.
    I'm sure you'll go with it anyway since your post wasn't about getting our opinions on theme weddings but on getting more ideas...
    I actually have a cousin's friend who got married in April and did a Montreal Canadians (hockey team) theme wedding. Here are a few things they did :
    Their favoritte players are numbers 4, 9 and 10... guess how they picked their wedding date : April 10th, 2009 (4-10-9)! The groomsmen were wearing jerseys with those numbers on it and in pictures they're standing with their backs to the camera and it makes out the wedding date.... pretty cute!
    Cake : With colours of the team, pucks in the front of it.
    Flowers : Gerber daisies dyed in the colours of the team.
    If you're on Facebook, try entering this (for pictures of their wedding... not sure if it will work)

    By the way, the bride kept her gown all night, flower girl kept her dress, groom kept his tux. The only ppl in jerseys were the groomsmen, ringbearer and the guests who decided to go along with the theme (any hockey jersey did the job). Just a suggestion!
  • I personally think that this idea is really cool, especially if that's what you and FI are into.  FI and myself are HUGE Green Bay Packer fans and he is also a huge Forida Gators fan.  I'm getting him a groom's cake that is a florida gator and my garter is either going to be Packers or Gators (haven't decided yet).  I think that the idea of a tailgate is interesting and unqiue!  If this is your style, just go for it!  

    One of my good friends got married a few years ago, and he was really into wrestling, so when he and his wife and WP were introduced at the reception, they had the WWE theme music and made up wrestler names for themselves.  It was incredibly funny, especially because everybody knew them well enough to know that this style suited their personality as a couple.  It could be fun if you did like a football line-up and got people to hold up signs for you and stuff when you're introduced.  Good luck with all of your planning! Wink
  • I love this idea. FI and I are not sports fans, but I would still love to attend your wedding. why? because its unique and would be you!

    My own wedding is nerd themed, so I get where you're coming from.

    Have you poked around the sports board under the theme wedding boards? I stopped in once to see what it was like but it seemed slow :-(

    Asking your guests to wear their team colors is very cute and allows for some playful competition without leaving anyone out.  I'd bet since you guys are so big into sports, most your friends and a lot of your family are too? If thats the case, I dont see why this themed wedding would be an issue.  DO WHAT YOU LOVE!
  • i wouldn't attend your wedding if i had to wear a football jersey. just something you may want to think about.
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  • I think it's a fun idea! everyone has their different tastes so you have to do what makes you happy!! If someone doesn't want to go because they didn't want to wear a jersey then let them stay home. Not sure how overboard you want to go but it would be cute to do your isle runner as like a football field with green background and white yard stripes just an idea but good luck planning!
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