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What do you think about my menu...Need some help =/

Friday at noon, we are going to meet our caterer for a final menu and tasting on stuff we have picked for the menu. Before we get there and finalize anything, I was wondering if anyone could go over the menu..tell me what you think? Be honest! I REALLY need help with the vegetarian option, since I am not sure what vegetarians would prefer and I know I will have 1-2 there. Our meal will be plated. I was thinking about sending out a menu saying exactly what you will get, and then on the RSVP having them check which on, but it would say like chicken,beef, etc. That way they can have choices. My Fiance wants like a stuffed chicken, but I know some people wouldn't like what it's stuffed or topped with, so I went with a simple herbed chicken. Or what do you guys think?

This is what I have so far...[BTW all the meals come with assorted rolls,butter,and salad]

Herbed baked chicken breast with seasoned red potatoes and citrus green beans

Carved roasted beef with mashed potatoes and butter glazed baby carrots

Eggplant parmesan with au gratin potatoes and rosemary peas and carrots

Kids under 12 -Chicken tenders and french fries

Other vegetarian option is like vegetable lasagna and primevera.

Re: What do you think about my menu...Need some help =/

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    I think that sounds like a good menu.  I like that the sides for things are different, so it's not just a standard protein with the same starch and veggie.  Do you have a wedding website?  If so, you could list all the menu choices there for people to look at (I think it would be weird to send it out).  I also think you should be able to fit a little description on the response card (like: "stuffed chicken" or "baked chicken"). 

    I would be picking one of the vegetarian options.  I don't really like eggplant, but eggplant parmesan is really the only way I'll willingly eat it.  I think the primavera would be my first choice and the best all-around option, but I would make sure the sauce is good and the vegetables aren't mushy. 

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    I never thought about that, that is a good idea..I'm going to go look at the wedding website right now and try make it. Okay, Maybe I can go with the primevera. I will ask friday exactly what vegetables they will put in it and sauce and maybe take a poll for all my vegetarian friends :) I really want to make sure everyone gets something they will like and enjoy.
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    That sounds good to me.  Nice variety. You've got your dietary restrictions covered and super picky people can get chicken tenders. (Who says they're just for kids!)  I'd probably either get the beef or the vegetarian dish if you went with the eggplant parmesan.  
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    Lol very true!!
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    The only question I have is are the guest coming vegetarian or vegan?  A vegan wouldn't be able to eat either of your vegetarian options...
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  • peanutty2peanutty2 member
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    I actually think your menu sounds perfect.  I prefer eggplant parm as a veggie option.  And I agree about the "simpler" chicken dish appealing to more people.  Good job!

    If you have a website you can list the menu on there so people know what's coming.  But it's not necessary.  You can just list on the rsvp card for them to choose which plate they'd like. 
  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I think your menu sounds great! I think sometimes it's better to go a bit simpler, so I'd definitely do the herb chicken dish instead of the stuffed one.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of eggplant parm so I'd choose the vegetable lasagna!

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    sounds good to me!  i'd go for the chicken also, b/c it sounds pretty simple and lean.  nice healthy option.

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    I should probably double check to find out if they are vegeterians or vegans. Thank you for asking that so I can actually find out!

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    Thank you guys! I will let you know how our tasting goes tomorrow. I'm excited to pick a menu and finally get to try the food.[Except for the roast..they can't make a roast just for 2 people]

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    I'd go with the eggplant parm. I think primavera is used as the vegetarian substitute SO often, and it's really a boring dish, IMO.
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