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my fiance and i have a son together and feel that the day should also include him toowhen we get married he will be 2 1/2 . i am just not sure what to make him in the bridal party because we were ebgaged for over a year before we had him and i had already asked my godson to be my ringbearer and he will be walking down the isle with my littlecousin who is about the same age as our flowergirl. I want him to have a special place in our wedding because it will also be a specail day for him too. i wondering what i should do?

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  • You sound really stressed. May I suggest a vacation to Mexico? Specifically the Mexico board over on the nest. Everyone there is super nice and helpful, so I'm sure you'll get a lot of good answers for your question.
  • Put him in a wagon and drag him down the... isle.
  • He'll be 2 1/2, he won't remember anything anyway. Just stick him in a tux and be sure to get some cute pictures and you're set.
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  • He's your son, that's all the title he needs to have a special place in your day and in your hearts <insert aww here>.  Stick him in a mini tux and call it a day.

    If it makes you feel better, call him a ringbearer. There's no law that says you're limited to one RB.

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    First of all, punctuation and spell-check are your friends.

    Second, there's no law against having 2 ring bearers.  Especially since your 2.5 year old son will probably not 'bear' anything as he's very young.

    Three, I would hope that everyone invited to your wedding knows you have a son and that he's special to you.  He doesn't need a special title for your wedding.  That's just too much special.

    Four, at 2.5, don't really have an expectation of him to do anything to 'uphold' his title.  I had my 3 year old niece in my wedding and she didn't make it down the aisle because she didn't want to go. 
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