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One more thanks...

Hello Lovely Knotties!  It's my turn to thank all of you for everything.

These past two years have been up and down, highs and lows, of all types.  There were many, many days that I spent on the boards, and they were the only thing that saved my sanity (insanity?).  Without all of you here, on this board, I would have not only passed by wonderful advice, but getting to know wonderful ladies as well.  You all have been such a blessing, whether or not you realize it.

So, it comes time for my thanks.  Tomorrow, we are busy all day finalizing details, getting nails done, and going out to dinner with some friends and family.  Friday we are all over the place dropping stuff off before our rehearsal and dinner.  Saturday arrives early, as we have to be at the salon at 8:30 am. 

I can't wait to walk down the aisle- and the fact that it's pain free without a cane, well, it's truly, wonderfully, a dream come true.  Like I said before, I am sure to lose it during the vows, especially when it comes to sickness and health.  The homily by the pastor should be interesting as well, as he has known me for 20+ years; I am sure the stories will be interesting.

I PROMISE, with all my heart, that I will put all the bad vibes, bickering, and all the not-so-pleasant thoughts and such aside, I promise I will take a moment to reveil in being married, and I promise to let the little things go and have the time of my life, because I am getting married!  And if it were not for you lovely ladies (and Poof), I wouldn't have been able to learn what really counts and matters on the day of.

To my fellow weekend brides, and October 2010 brides, our time has finally come.  I wish you only the best (JIY, promise you will stay dry, and I will pray for no rain), and I know that all of you will have wonderful days, no matter the weather or problems, because your time to shine is finally here!  I can't wait to see pictures.

I will be back on Tuesday; we are spending Saturday night thru Monday evening in a hotel (if nothing just to sleep!), and aren't leaving for WDW until October 12th.  I promise I will be back with pictures (non-pro; when she posts teasers to the site, I will post for all of you...I already told her not to lock the album, so you all could see it!) and stories!

Thank you much, once more!  You all are amazing!

Ms.BriarRose/MBR/Briar/Brittany/any other name you want to call me (winkwink)

Re: One more thanks...

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