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Question & Recs

My friend just got engaged, yay her. She has been waiting 7 very long years. Though now she wants to get married in Oct. of this year & she only wants to spend $5,000 for 60 Guests.  Can this be done??? If you have any suggestions it will be awesome, since I am the MOH & helping her w/ the planning.


Re: Question & Recs

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    Dang you are lucky!! I remember you were just MOH recently!!!
    Rec's depend on how many people, where, feel(out/in door) etc!
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    How about doing it in a restaurant off of the beach. She can have the ceremony on the beach.. and then they can walk to somewhere near by. I would also look into venues who offer discounts for sundays... or maybe a sat. brunch wedding? then having an after party at a club later? 
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    LMAO... Always the MOH never the Bride I use to say. After this one, I will only walk down the aisle in MY DRESS! These BM dresses are getting costly.
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    Its hard when you have less then 100 ppl cause most places for sat night have a minimum but you can def do something friday night or saturday morning/afternoon and it is going to be a LOT cheaper. I suggest a resturant too like pp said or somewhere that already includes tables and food at least....HTH :)
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    With that budget a Friday/Sunday wedding is the best option. A backyard wedding would be really great or a beach wedding with the reception at a restaurant.

    The other option would be to not have a dinner reception and instead do a brunch reception or afternoon wedding with cocktail reception. Giving people a whole meal is definitely the most expensive option.
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    You girls just got me thinking...I can offer her my house to for the Reception. I originally wanted to do my wedding @ my hm & I can certainly accomadate 60guest function, considering I had 150 at my sons 1st Birthday. Woo Hoo
    Most definitely have to run the idea by her.

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