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Wedding DVD/ Videographer Dilemmas

We hired a videographer for our special day and couldn't wait to see our dvd.  Now when I hired them, we got to see some of their work before hand. And the videos were amazing and they captured all the key moments!  We get our dvd after the run around with them for 5 MONTHS telling us its ready in a week then 2-3 weeks later it wasnt and we call back and over and over, Finally it's ready. I was so excited. There was 3 parts on our dvd. Wedding montage that captured all the key points, First dance montage, and then our whole wedding itself. The first dance montage, amazing. The montage for our key points of the wedding. I was disappointed, it was nothing like the examples. Looks like they just threw footage together. No effects and I didnt want anything crazy but Ive seen a TON of montages that look WAY nicer than what we got.  That, I was looking forward to the most. And for having it for 5 months they surely could have put more effort into it. It seemed almost like false advertising. Then the whole wedding itself, now I know 7 hours is A LOT of footage, but something that I KNOW they taped were cut out. Like my husband getting their pictures done, my friends and I had an amazing air band that was cut out, parts of the reception were cut out. I wish they would have kept in. On top of that we paid for a 2nd camera for them AND our photographer so they could capture his emotion and reaction to me walking down the aisle and BOTH them failed to give me that. I have no pictures of his reaction and now no video.

So my question is, do I take it as is? OR do I call them and tell them I am highly displeased because they work I was shown is not the work I got and important parts to me were cut from our dvd- ask them to redo? What do you do?

Re: Wedding DVD/ Videographer Dilemmas

  • You most certainly have a right to ask why certain parts were cut from the DVD and you may certainly ask for a redo. However, some companies have contracts stating that re-edits maybe done for an additional fee. I understand what you what you said when you felt like it was false advertising but did you ask ahead of time how many cameras were used when they filmed those sample videos. I know that to get a really amazing DVDs, video companies should come with a team of at least three.

    If the company you hired refuses to re-edit it, see if you can at least get your raw footage. That way you can look to see if they even captured those key moments. Hope that helps!
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