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Where did everyone buy there wedding gowns from? How many places did you go to? And how long did it take you to find "the one" ? Where did you find the best prices ? Just trying to prepare myself !

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    Mine came from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne. I went to 6 different places and had good experiences at most of them, but loved The Wedding Shoppe. They stayed within the budget I gave and didn't push, which was great. The woman who was helping me got a feel for my style and brought me over the dress I ended up buying. It was above my budget, but she said I could buy the sample for way less and I did! I loved the service.

    When you first start, I would go to somewhere with hundreds of dresses - like a David's Bridal. It will give you an idea for what you want. My biggest annoyance while dress shopping was going somewhere that only had 50 or so dresses, only liking 5 or so enough to try them on, and then leaving.
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    Try Stephanie's in Pennsburg, PA.  They are so friendly, and give great service.  They hem, press and bustle for free!  An awesome bridal experience.  Call first for an appt and tell them that you found them on the KNOT!
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    Tesi Bridal in Ventnor, NJ.  The only shop I went to.  Found my dress on the first visit after trying on about 15 dresses.  After I found my dress, I stopped looking.
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    I went to two stores. I tried on maybe 20, if that. I bought my dress at Country Bride and gent. I also stopped looking after I bought my dress.
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    I bought mine at Country Bride and Gent.  I went there first, then to David's Bridal. I went back on my own to CB&G one day after work, tried on one of the dresses I had tried on last time, and put down the deposit.  I stopped looking at that time.
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    I bought mine at The Bridal & Tuxedo Shop in Delaware. I tried dresses on at David's Bridal and put money down on one, then made an appt at bts a week later. The dress I bought, ended up being the very last one I tried on. I almost didn't try it on because dd had a meltdown. My bm got her to sleep, and the sales lady convinced me to try it on and I fell in love with it. I found the best prices down in Delaware.
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    Thanks girls ! I'll have to look into all these places !
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    I looked at 3 places in Delaware and found the dress at the third. I found it would be cheaper in New Jersey and bought it there. Neither Delaware nor New Jersey have sales tax on bridal gowns so if you at all able to I would buy in those places. That extra sales tax money went into the budget. Also, I bought the dress Monday and I will not look at another dress.
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    IF you buy the first one you like...... you'll find others that you like just as much. I assume that is how some girls end up with two gowns. I bought mine in January of 2010 and I am getting married this July. If I had looked a little longer, I think I may have gone with something else, but I am overseas, which prevented me from trying on a lot of other dresses!

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    Im def going to take my time and look, and keep my options open ! thanks for all the help girls !
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