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August 2010 Weddings

Bridesmaid Meet & Greet

(I had already posted this but did it the day before thanksgiving so I did not get by one response...though that one was great, looking for some more :)

So I am wanting to get all my bridesmads together (yes, all 7 of them) so that they can all meet each other and so I can see all of them. I had thought it would be cute to make them a little book with information concerning the wedding. I had thought about including the dresses I like, contact information for each of them so that they can contact each other, and stuff like that. Any thoughts? Any other ideas of what I should include? Or what I should do at the meet and greet?
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Re: Bridesmaid Meet & Greet

  • I think thats a nice idea. I did something along those lines, but not a meet and greet b/c they are 2 bm's from out of state. I sent a bm newsletter stating important information about alterations, shoes, and pricing for hair and makeup.

     I don't think you should over load them with info, however, I do think you should include the important. A book seems a bit much to me...My newsletter was 3 pages (computer paper) and to me it was a perfect amount to read. 


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  • well ya, just a few pages, not a 100 page book :) i just thought about getting some cute scrapbook paper and binding it up with some ribbon or something cute like that :)
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    Update 5.24.10
  • Don't think u need to put that much work into it -- an e-mail will suffice even. To me e-mail is better b/c I can easily refer back to it. Also doing TOO much can come off as being a bridezilla & that you are expecting a lot from them (even if u aren't) keep things super casual & you will be just fine!
  • I agree that a simple newsletter would be nice. It was a less awkward way for me to let the girls know what was going on with the wedding, who was in the wp, etc. A meeting would be nice. None of my girls really know each other, but they live in different states. A relaxed meeting before the wedding festivities will help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during the wedding time.
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  • I'm probably the odd man out... but I dont see why you'd need to put forth the effort?  To keep the group informed, email updates should suffice.

    I had my bridesmaids meet since they are both OOT and as luck has it were in town on the same day! it was casual and spontanious.  Because they had never met before, I wanted them to meet as friends and not have any agenda. If the ladies have never met before, maybe just having a lunch get together and not focus solely on your wedding would be nice too.
  • I love the idea of the book.
    what if you included a page about each of your bridemaids, including fun facts, how you met them, etc...that way everyone can get to know them a little bit more that way as well if you can't get them all together for something big
  • Ooo I love abrakke's idea about putting a page about each of your BM's!  That would be a great way to help them put faces to names and to refer back to after the meet and greet.  I think it's a cute idea if you're excited about making it, go for it!  I don't think it's necessary, though, so if you don't have the time or money, an email would be fine. 

    For the meet and greet, do it someplace where the focus will be on each other, like at your place.  Maybe brunch on a weekend or wine after work.  Something casual would be fine.  Have fun!
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