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New Jersey

Jessica Lauren Photography

Has anyone used her? Any reviews? She has a ton of rave reviews on Wedding Wire, but I never hear about her here!

Re: Jessica Lauren Photography

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    I have personally never heard of her, but there are tons of amazing vendors out there that aren't used by girls on this board.  Just keep that in mind. 
  • uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    I agree with 30maybride -- I have never heard her mentioned here, but a lot of girls here use the same popular-on-the-knot vendors (who are a small percentage of all the vendors out there), so us not knowing her doesn't mean she isn't great.  There are a lot of fabulous vendors who are rarely if ever mentioned here.
  • mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    I looked into her when we were considering photographers. I thought she had very reasonable prices and her work seemed nice.

    And FWIW, I booked a photographer that I never saw mentioned on this board (except for maybe two people mentioning him after I'd already booked him - one had booked him and the other was looking into him - I don't think those two girls are on this board anymore, though).

    I feel like a lot of Knotties use the same few vendors, or at least they're the ones we hear about on here the most. (Doesn't make them bad vendors at all ... I think people are just afraid to book someone without a lot of reviews, and I admit this myself as well.) And things also seem cyclical. A while back, all anyone could talk about in terms of photography was Milton Gil and the Pittellis, and now it seems like NOBODY uses them anymore.
  • dmoney79dmoney79 member
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    we met with her...she works with elite sound entertainment in saddle brook...
    i thought she was really nice, and liked her work....we had already booked with elite sound as our dj, and with our dj we had added the candid photo option.....while talking with her, she said he would throw in a free 2nd photographer....the free 2nd photog she was going to throw in was the one we were already paying for to do our candids....didn't seem like much of a deal...
    either way, i liked her, but something about her mh didn't care for, still not sure what it was.....
    she gets great reviews on wedding wire i believe

    also, we booked a photog that i never saw mentioned here, but since booking him, i've only seen him mentioned a couple of times....so just because someone isn't mentioned, it doesn't really mean anything....
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    We used her and she was fantastic!  I felt completely comfortable with her.  She was very reasonable and I also had a 2nd photog that took really great pics as well.  Let me know if you would like to see some pics.

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